Quietly serving its duty obscurely to be a drain cover (that's exactly what gratings are) which enables us to walk on it to enjoy the walking space it enables while protecting us from falling into drains is what is not best known grate.
Throughout 20 years in the industry, common terms used for drain covers are "grate", "grating" and also "grateing".
When grating drain mentions drain covers, the thought that first appear are the typical metal drain covers you see on walkways.
But at Jonite, we believe drain covers (grates, gratings and grateings) can certainly be more - in fact much much more.
Jonite specialises in steel reinforced stone gratings which offers you with the strength of steel plus the beauty of stone.
Yes you heard it right, our special treated steel reinforced stone gratings (drain covers) offer you both the benefits from the strength of steel and also the natural beauty of stone.
Check out our wide range of stone gratings here.




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